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Minimally invasive technique limits common cervical spine surgery complication: 4 takeaways

Becker's Spine Review—October 25, 2017

Becker’s Spine Review reported on a recent study that analyzed the minimally invasive technique’s impact on dysphagia, a common cervical spine surgical complication. According to the article, HSS researchers tested the effect of local intraoperative steroids on limiting this complication. The study won "Best Paper" at the 32nd Annual Meeting of the North American Spine Society.

Janet Hubert’s Breakthrough Recovery

The Montclair Dispatch—March 15, 2015

Janet Hubert, Montclair resident, recently recovered from a debilitating spinal injury after receiving innovative treatment at the Hospital for Special Surgery and working with Dr. Darren Lebl. Hubert struggled to walk for many years throughout her life, being declared disabled after 11 years and visiting countless doctors. Dr. Lebl determined that her issue was a spinal disk herniation, finally allowing Hubert to receive treatment and get her life back.

International Experts in Cervical Spine Surgery Meet to Discuss Complex Issues

New York—May 30, 2013

Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) will bring together some of the world’s experts in complex cervical spine surgery to address the challenges and successful outcomes for patients with unusual conditions. The symposium will take place Friday, May 31 at HSS in New York City.

2015 Spine Across the Sea Best Paper Presentation: Magnetic Resonance Neurography

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